MHS Classmates Yesterday and Today

Can you recognize these classmates?
(Move the mouse over each picture for identification.)

Maura McGuire Lucuis, Dick Day, Nancy Kennedy
                Pilver, Cathy Hayes Toomey
MHS Class of 1952 50th Reunion Committee
Harvey Barrette, Jean Columbat Eagleson, Neal
                Illing, Alyce Carlson McArdle
MHS Class of 1952 50th Reunion Committee
Nancy Kennedy Pilver, Shirley Hayden Jackie Picaut, Jean Columbat Eagleson
Dick Day, Leo Diana, Cathy Hayes Toomey, Chuck
                Woodhouse, Alyce Carlson McArdle, Jean Columbat
                Eagleson, Nancy Kennedy Pilver, Carol Keeney Hougas
MHS Class of 1952 45th Reunion Committee
Maura Anne McGuire, Fenna Lee Fisher Bonsignore,
                Leo Diana
MHS Class of 1952 40th Reunion
Mary McIntosh Schubert, Al Schubert, Doug Weisse
Dancers at the 40th Reunion

Al Schubert, Mary McIntosh Schubert, George
                Pazianos Joan Anderson, Ernest Sherman, Carol Ann Robinson,
                Jackie Picaut